Angelica Set 3

A little bit of naughty and nice in this set ^_^ Created by Darcy and Gryphongrl and a couple edits thrown in by myself, enjoy!


DE Cute Corner: Hayley

I’ve decided to open a “cute corner” here in DE, although I love the large base dolls and I enjoy creating in that style I just can’t get packs out as fast as I would like, and I miss the cute stuff! Since I don’t think my members should do without while I add the cute packs to my shop I decided to change it up here. And since I’m the site owner I figured why not! :)

So for the first pack here in the Cute Corner is a 350 piece tube pack of Hayley. I love this doll it is one I created or Teresa of Doll Infatuation, if you would like to colour her yourself I suggest heading on over. If you like my dolls you’ll love Teresa’s site as she has a ton of my exclusive dolls 😉






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Flowery Prop Tubes


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Flowery Props Lines

Some flowery props ^_^


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Fates Tag #4

I really can’t get enough of my fate dolls, and hope you can’t either … a little tag and a preview of the props to come!


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