Duvessa V2 Set 3


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Ava Tube Set 16


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Duvessa V2 Base Set 1 & 2

Both sets are in one zip.


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Fates Tag #3

Another fate tag for you today to start off the October updates!

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October 2014 Update

Hi everyone!

The beginning of another month of updates. I have things scheduled for the following:

Today – Fates Tag
October 7 – Duvessa V2 S1 & S2 – These are base sets.
Oct 12 – Ava Tube Set 16
Oct 19 – Duvessa V2 S3
Oct 24 – Ava Tube Set 28
October 31 – Happy Halloween! – Fates Tube Set 3 A – This is another run of fate tube sets – sorry? or you’re welcome depending on how much you’re hating my Fates by now!

(I know the tube sets are weird 16 then 28 then 12 or something weird it’s because I did a hug update a while ago and just kept scheduling these tube sets and there were a lot more than I thought! lol I apologize cause I’m sure you’re tired of these Ava packs but what can I say when I get on a kick I just can’t stop playing with something! lol)

November and December also have two more updates each as well as anything else I get added … which at this point will be at least one more tube set each and I’m HOPING to do a special for December with an update a day. I’m working on it but we’ll see how it goes lol I’m going to try to get more line sets done for everyone. That being said if you have any updates you would like to see, any props (which I have a really hard time coming up for in this members area!) Or you have a certain doll you would like to see more (or less *sigh*) of, let me know.

I’ve seen the request for grey/silver hair and have created a pallette for that I hope you like and will start adding that option to tags and tube packs … unfortunately it missed today’s tag though!

Please let me know what you would like to see, my biggest problem with this site besides the time it takes just to create a tube or doll is that I’m running out of inspiration!

Don’t forget Darcy and GryphonGrl are also here so if you have a specific something you know they would be awesome at please feel free to ask!

So … what can you suggest? Any kind of doll theme for a certain doll or all! Props you would like, Tube sets you would like, would you like more tags? More of anything else? Let us know!

Sicara, Darcy & Gryphongrl


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  • Sicara : Aww thank you Julie ^_^
  • Julie J. : love your style Sicara! tyvm!!
  • Sicara : Thanks Angie, glad you like them :D
  • Sicara : Hi Heidi, I'll make up a banner page I'm sure I have a couple :)
  • Sicara : Aww thank you Maryness :)
  • Maryness : Hunie I'm so in love with your artwork! You're amazing! Hugs
  • Heidi B : Hi Sicara, love your site and wondered if you have a 'general' blinkie that I can place on my Blogger? Looking into becoming a member shortly xx
  • Mysticpixels : Gorgeous tubes! Thanks so much!
  • Sicara : Aww thank you Marcy! Darcy & Gryphongrl do the hard work I just play with their lines :)
  • Marcy : Love your work :)
  • Sicara : You're very welcome ladies!
  • Kay : Thank you so muchfor the new cuties. Big hugs
  • Sherry : Thank You so much for the updates, Love them!!!
  • Sicara : Thanks hon, Arielle and Darcy did a great job with Vala!
  • Mariel : Thank you for the beautiful update Si!! I love it...
  • Sicara : Aww thank you Jules ... Im glad to be back pixelling ^_^
  • Jules : woohoo.. perfect timing since I am trying to get back to pixeling and get my website back up and running - great job Sicara
  • Sicara : Thanks girls! I'm glad you liked the update ... there are PLENTY more to come!
  • Julie Jenks : luv your work Sicara!! Thanx for the beautiful update :)
  • Guest_2275 : Million thankies for everything, big hugs majmaj
  • Angie : TYTY!!! Hugzz
  • Mariel : Thank you for the update Sicara, all them are wonderful!!
  • laurahonest : thanks so much for the updates! I can't wait for the big announcement!
  • Sicara : Aww thank you Mariel and you're very welcome ^_^
  • Mariel : Thank you for the updates, I can't wait for the bunch of goodies of 20th, thank you sweetie!!!
  • Sicara : You're welcome hon
  • Debby : Thanks for the updates!!
  • Sicara : Aww well thanks girls! I do love to see everyone's comments!
  • Kay : Hi sweetie, thank you so much for all the new cuties. Big hugs
  • Angie : We can fill it up! <G> Thank you for the new Fates! <3
  • Sicara : lol well thanks hon :P
  • Jelly : no it not it not it not :P lol
  • Sicara : Hi everyone! This shoutbox is so empty ... ECHO ECHO ECHO!!!
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